How to increase your car audio quality with an amplifier

Many factory speakers that come with the car do not provide adequate sound quality. This is especially noticeable when driving in places with loud background noises, such as on a highway or when it is very windy. The noise overpowers the car audio and even if you turn up the volume to the max, the song melody, not to mention lyrics, is not comprehensible due to the noise and the low quality of loud sounds. This is usually because the built-in amp is underpowered and it isn’t able to handle the high volumes.

To combat this problem, the best solution is to install an amplifier and upgrading your sound system. If you like your music loud no matter the conditions you are in, a good amp will provide you with the sound quality you are looking for.

What kind of amp should you get?

There are many factors to consider when buying a car audio amplifier. First, do you want a 2 channel or a 4 channel amp? This depends on how many speakers there are in your car audio system as each channel is used to power one speaker. Most cars will have four speakers, two in the front and two in the back. 2 channel amps will be fine for people who usually drive alone and need the improved audio for their own enjoyment only. 4 channel amps will provide the same quality for the passengers in the back. However, if you are planning on going through the trouble of installing an additional amp it is recommended that you go with the 4 channel one. This will save you time and cost should you ever decide to upgrade again in the future and it will give you that nice rear-fill sound for overall better music experience. Or you can connect two of the four channels to one pair of speakers and the other two to a subwoofer. A 4 channel amp gives you more configuration options.

For the best 4 channel amp, choose one with the greatest SNR (signal to noise) ratio. This is specified in decibels and indicates how the audio signal produced by the amp measures against the electrical noise that is produced internally when playing. Amps with a higher SNR ratio, at least 90-100 dB, have the best sound quality.

Another specification worth looking at is RMS (root mean square). This indicates the driving power of a speaker and an amplifier. When buying an amp for your existing speakers, you need to make sure that the new amp has enough power to output the best sound quality out of your speakers without distortions. For best results, the RMS of the amp should not be lower the RMS of the speakers.

There are other specs to consider, such as the space available in the car, the wiring process, etc., but take time to find the best 4 channel amp for your needs to get that sweet sound quality that will make you not want to leave your car.