Tech tools you need to fix your home electronics

Technology has become more and more essential in our daily lives, to the point where we have tens of electronic gadgets and can’t seem to live without any of them now. Smartphone, laptop, PC, tablet, streaming box, AI speakers, and more are now a part of ourselves and we use them constantly for work and entertainment. However, more often than not, these devices will malfunction at some point, and it is then when most people choose to get a new one rather than fix the one they have. If you are part of the camp that likes to have the right to repair, then check out these tools you definitely need to fix your home electronics.

Precision screwdriver kit

Opening things up is half the battle when it comes to fixing them back up, and for most if not all devices nowadays, you need to have the right set of tools for the job. Smartphones, laptops, MP3 players, and more all use small, proprietary screws to keep things in place. A precision screwdriver set that features some other handy tools will probably get the work done and then some. You just need to keep an eye out for small parts and pieces once you remove them to getting them back where they belong!

18650 battery charger

Battery life issues might be at the top of the causes of death of household electronics list. Many of these modern devices use 18650 batteries, which are a type of lithium-ion battery slightly larger than your traditional AA. The main difference is that, unlike your traditional AA batteries which are universal and can power anything that fits them, you have to be careful with your 18650 batteries. They come in different configurations, but luckily for you, the best 18650 battery charger you can get your devices’ batteries recharged.

Electric duster and microfiber cloths

Compressed air and manual air blowers sometimes fall short when it’s time to remove dust and deep clean electronics. An electric duster will be your best friend for those times when you just can’t get the dust out of a particular spot. You have to be careful not to use the duster at full throttle on small electronics in which their even smaller internal components can get blown out. For a squeaky clean finish, microfiber cloths can remove those annoying specks of dust that stick to new screens.


Last but not least, tech repairs need to be done under sufficient lighting to avoid any regrettable mistakes in the process. A table light usually gets the job done, but it isn’t the most flexible tool to have when you need to get a clear look at a small cranny inside a device. There are two possible solutions in that scenario, one involves keeping a headlamp on you while you do your repairs, making sure that you can illuminate everything in front of you with just a tilt of your head. An alternative if you don’t like wearing a headlamp is a small lantern that you can keep close and use just when you actually need it.

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